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Dog , Benny Yurco, and Seth Kauffman. Mythologically speaking, people have been naming this duality for ages: utopia and dystopia, heaven and earth, Olympus and the underworld.


Now imagine this concept distilled in an eleven track, thirty-six minute album, and you arrive at Arcadia, the latest offering by songstress Lily Kershaw. But the strongest tool Kershaw wields is her voice, both in the simmering ferocity it carries and the poetry it speaks. Though the concept behind the record is epic to say the least, Kershaw is ultimately telling a story of acceptance, both of herself and the great mystery that is the universe.

The original release of the Jackson 5's Greatest Hits LP in was cause for celebration, as it encapsulated an extraordinary month strings of back-to-back-to-back-back-etc. This LP reissue is something new again: it features the rare quadrophonic mixes, originally released in Japan only in These mixes used alternate vocals and sometimes emphasized instrumentation not heard in the J5 singles or LP and as a result these versions are much sought-after.

Collectible Boxed Set presents 23 gram vinyl singles in faithfully reproduced international picture sleeves. Chicago is a city that holds a special history for me, and I found myself spending a good chunk of time staring out my hotel window, reflecting on my first trip there in to record my debut solo album andpaw Would at Idful Studios with Brad Wood. But more than the details of that trip, I was struck by how vividly memories started flooding back to me of being a 15 year old mega fan of music, and in particular, indie rock.

I'm not sure you are ever a fan of bands the way you can be as a teenager. I started re-listening to some of my favorite songs from that period in that hotel room, by the Beat Happening, Pavement, Fugazi, The Breeders, Guided by Voices. It struck me as crazy that these songs and the feelings that accompanied them were now over 25 years old. It started seeming odd to me that for some reason, indie rock hasn't been canonized the same way 60s and 70s rock has.

Jazz Record Store Chicago

These were my classics! I always travel with my portable studio gear, and I immediately sat down and started learning and recording a collection of my favorite songs. I spent my 4 days of the Polar Vortex creating the blueprint for what would become Century Classix. These three genius musicians became th can hear framing these covers and I am eternally grateful for their talent and generosity. Reply Notify me Helpful.

Ron Murphy rest in peace was a true genius. It is so important to remember this humble personality never the less then any Jeff Mills ,Robert Hood, Ron Trent, Chez Damier or Carl Craig that he has worked with, and he worked with quite a few's Reply Notify me 13 Helpful. Favorite Labels by gliese. Favorite Labels by pastapiu. Not On Label. Sell This Version. Greg Rapier , Allen Wright. Freaky Flow And P. Placebo Recordings. Stars 2 versions. Mix Records. Rick Wilhite , Kenny Dixon Jr. Three Chairs. I Ner Zon Sounds. Can You Feel The Love? What Is A Dancer? Falling In Dub 2 versions.

Inequality 2 versions. I 2 versions.

“Off Brand” Talking Machines by R.J. Wakeman

TP1 4 versions. Falling In Dub The Remixes 3 versions. Terrence Parker And The D. In The City 2 versions. Day By Day 3 versions. Good Stuff 2 versions. August TMW December TMW Amphion — T. Eaton Company, Toronto, Canada. April The Toronto World April TMW Arietta — Roundtree Corporation, Richmond, Virginia. July TMW September TMW November TMW February TMW October TMW January TMW Autonola — Briggs Manufacturing Company.

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December The Music Trades Batalma — Batavia, New York. Bell — Durable Phonograph Company, Inc. Birch — portable model. Blandin — Racine Phonograph Company, Inc. Bruce — Bruce Company, Springfield, Illinois. June TMW May TMW Clarinola — George B. Clark Company, Inc. Collerola — George Coller, Reading, Pennsylvania. Crafts — A. Crafts Piano Company, Richmond, Virginia. Culver — Culver Talking Machine.

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  5. Detmer-Phone — Chicago; St. Elti-Nola — Charles H. November , TMW Everton — Everton Company, Chicago, Illinois. Fullertone — Fullertone Phonograph Products, Inc. Fulton — Fulton-Alden Company, Inc. Gunsonola — Brandford, Ontario, Canada. Harmonophone — Meyers Drug Company. Harmony — A floor model; not one of the large spindle Chicago table models Heintzman — Gerhard Heintzman Ltd. Kimball — W. Knickerbocker — portable model EM Knox — Knox Phonograph Company. Kurtzman — Kurtzman Phonograph Company, Inc.

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    6. Lampograph — Frank H. Aril TMW Lois — Chicago, Illinois. Loraine — Chicago, Illinois. Lundstrom Converto EM November MW Manophone — James Manoil Company, Inc. McLagan — Ontario, Canada. November Cosmopolitan Magazine Minelli — Minelli Phonograph Company, Inc. Mockingbird — Edwin M. Wright, Manteno, Illinois.

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      Modernola — Modernola Company, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Monarch — Monarch Phonograph Company. Multitone — Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Music Master — Sturgis, Michigan.

      June MW Northhome — Portable model EM Nytrola — T. Specialty Company, Charleston, West Virginia. Ogdenola — Ogden Manufacturers, Chicago, Illinois. Paillard — portable phonograph; probably a Swiss brand. Parlephone — E. Tower, St. Joseph, Missouri. Perfectone — D. Bohon Company, Lexington, Kentucky. Perkins — Chicago, Illinois.

      TMW Pianophone — EM Piknik — Piknik Portable Phonograph, Inc. Polk-Phone — James K. Polk, Inc. Realtone — Wells, Minnesota. Spencerian — Westphono, Inc. Steinberg — Chicago, Illinois. Stratford — Stratford Phonograph Company, Inc. October, The Crisis Advertiser Table model with large spindle; Chicago client brand of the Columbia Phonograph Company September 13, The Music Trades Thieryola — J. Thiery Company. Toyola — Berg A. Udell — The Udell Works, Inc. Venus — The Venus Company, St.

      Vermont — C.