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So take a shower, put on some lipstick, and setup a Skype date. Last year I met another version of myself: Allie Lehman.

Well, Claire hired me last year to help her with her client onboarding and strategizing her launch. Bring a little bit of your SELF to the conversation and see if anything blossoms from there. Know someone who knows someone you kinda want to meet? Ask for the intro! I find new friends, new partners for projects, new referrals, and even a renewed fondness of myself.

Who Wants To Practice English And Make Friends On Skype?

When someone I know and trust introduces me to someone else, they always accompany it with some kind of love and that little bit often helps push me forward in a whole new way. After doing my fair share of online friend making, I was ready to take things up a notch and meet these friends in person. I only real-life knew two other women who were attending and I signed myself up. I even roomed with someone who I had only ever had a Skype date with!

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And you know what happened? It was actually fun! I had such a great time getting to know my online friends better in real life over in-person glasses of wine and hotel lobby chats. It was an incredible way to bond with other women I had been dying to connect with and our friendships and business partnerships have grown ever since then. Not to mention the fact that it led to my highly influential mastermind group last year. Like I said, attending that conference led me to team up with a group of powerful women and form a mastermind last year.

Not only did it have a massive impact on my business growth — nothing like a little group accountability to get you into action!

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Okay so this feels like a little more extroverted, I know, but stay with me here. Meetups can be small and intimate and leave room for real friendship making. Bonus points to meetups: those new friends also live in your same area so they can become real reasons to leave the house! Just think of two people you know who ought to know each other and introduce them.

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  6. Send an email with something shining about each one of them and why you think they should become instant BFFs. I introduce people to each other at least once a week. When I connect others they connect people to me and that is a beautiful thing.

    Tandem Language Exchange

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