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A Social Security Number Trace or SSN Trace reports names and addresses Anyone who orders a background check should include a Social Security.

You probably had to provide the VIN to your insurer, so check your insurance card or insurance policy. The VIN should be listed there. Method 3. Feel the VIN plate on the dashboard.

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The VIN will either be printed on a plate or on a label. Either should be securely fastened to the dashboard.

For example, there may be loose molding or excessive glue on the windshield. Check the Federal Safety Certification Label. Federal law requires newer vehicles have a safety label, which should contain the VIN. It may also be on the door itself.

The Best Ways To Perform An Online VIN Search | Get Vehicle Info Quickly

Check for signs the label may have been tampered with: [15] The label should be entirely fastened to the vehicle without any loose corners. In particular, pay attention to the VIN. The label should have a shiny clear coat. The label should be smooth to the touch, without scratches. Assess the VIN plate attached to the engine. Check for signs that the plate has been modified or moved. For example, there may be rivet holes where the plate was fastened.

Alternately, you might notice that the plate is much cleaner than the rest of the firewall, which is a sign the plate is fake. Have a mechanic inspect the car. A mechanic might be able to spot whether the car is a fake better than you can. For example, the mechanic can easily find the VINs on a car and make sure they are consistent. The mechanic might also be able to tell if the VIN plate or label has been tampered with.

Perform a VIN check. When a car is reported stolen, the VIN will be entered into the database. Call the police if the VIN shows up in the database. When you get the report, check to see that the car described in the report matches the car with the VIN. For example, the service report might describe the car as a Honda Accord, but the car you have been looking at is a Subaru. In this situation, the VIN has been stolen from one car and put on another. If your car was towed and you don't have any vehicle information on it at all, you may want to call your local police department as all towing companies are required to notify the authorities when a vehicle is towed.

Provide the time and place where the vehicle was towed, and they may be able to help you retrieve your car from the towing company.

How to Find a Car's Owner by VIN Number

If it was towed from a private property, like an apartment complex or shopping center, you will need to get with the management office to obtain the towing company's information. For that reason, they want you to be able to access this information. Vehicle History is not the only license plate check provider. However, most of the other companies out there will charge you money to check out a license plate. Our service is free, yet still delivers a high level of value.

We think that makes us the right choice when you want to perform a license plate check. In theory you could, but in practice it would be much harder. You'd have to contact every DMV, police department, federal agency, service station and insurance company yourself.

That would not only cost you a lot of time, but it would also be fairly expensive. By the time you finished it, the car you were thinking of buying might already have been purchased by someone else! On the the other hand, when you use our free license plate check service, it costs you no money at all and you get the information delivered to you laptop, desktop or mobile device in a matter of minutes.

We think that's a better deal. Car Research Make. Should you happen to be good friends with someone at the police department, you may be able to call in a favor and ask for a license plate search. Save yourself time and frustration by contacting a private sources search company to produce a license plate number report for you. A records search company covers all relevant databases where license plate number information is stored and will deliver detailed reports to you quickly for a small fee.

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A people search by license plate may contain the following information reports will vary because not all information may apply to the license plate search :. Owner's first and last name Owner's address VIN number Registration dates and expiration dates Make and model of the vehicle registered to the license plate number Lien holder information If you are buying a used car, check the license plate number to make sure it matches the vehicle. In some states, license plates stay with the vehicle when it changes owners, and in others owners keep the license plates. Plate switching is a common tactic for car thieves and is highly illegal.

A car VIN check will tell you whether the car has been in an accident or if there are manufacturer recalls on the make and model of the vehicle. Accident reports are important to used car purchasers because you'll want to assess whether repairs were done properly and what the estimated damages were at the time of the accident. If you know a used car was involved in an accident, you can show it to your mechanic much more easily.

Hail damage claims against the vehicle would also show up on a complete VIN check. A VIN check will let you know the vehicle mileage at the time of the last title transfer. If someone tampered with the odometer of the vehicle, this would be easily detected through a VIN check. If vehicles change hands multiple times, the original use of the vehicle may not have been shared with subsequent owners. While a car VIN check will not tell you the names of previous owners, it will let you know if the car was used by the police at some point.

Ways to Perform a VIN Search Online

This could be important if you are buying the used car at a state sponsored auction. Asking for a VIN check costs money in most cases, and an unscrupulous research company may not gather a complete history on the vehicle. Save yourself time and frustration by contacting a private sources search company.

A records search company covers all relevant databases at once and delivers detailed reports regarding the VIN check you are interested in. A VIN number check uses a car's digit vehicle identification number to search for hidden problems with the vehicle. If you are considering buying a used car, running a VIN number check is very important. Ask your dealer to check the VIN, or check it yourself if you are buying from a private party.

VIN number checks search the entire reported history of the car looking for accidents, insurance claims, and ownership transfers. The odometer reading is reported each time a vehicle changes owners, so if there has been odometer tampering it will show up on a VIN number report.