Joseph, b. Robert L. Marks, and Dau. Of Robert L. Marks Degenstein, Charles B. Schwarzbaden, Germany, d. Lancaster, PA Deutsch, Leopold, b. Gidding Goldsmith, Attellarb? Jacob Goldsmith and Theresa Goldsmith, dau. Gross Gross, Fannie, b. Gross, and 6yr dau.

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Gross Gross, Hjack, b. Henry Gross and B? WW Kirschbaum, Caroline , b. Laird and S. Laird, 22mo Son of R. Laird Lang, Natalie, d. No date, Mother Leopold, Estelle N. Benjamin Benzbach, and dau. Benjamin Benzbach Levy, Marx, b. Bechtheim, Rheinhesse, Germany Loeb, Leanora, b. May ? Germany, d. Marks Marks, Henrietta, b. His wife, Sheila, is managing editor of the new children's book club, Nest Literary Classics. I find this to be a most interesting and rewarding activity. Stephen Rovno M'58 has retired from active medical practice, but remains involved with Vision Health International, a non-profit group providing eye care and eye surgery in medically underserved countries.

Miryam Ehrlich Williamson CW'58 mwilliamson reporters. She spends "about half my time in online peer counseling with people who suffer from the fibromyalgia syndrome, a condition involving chronic pain, nonrestorative sleep and cognitive dysfunction.

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Samantha Miller Grier CW'59 hsgrier aol. In she founded Caring For Children in San Francisco to provide emotional solace and support to children in crisis and train caregivers in the psychological needs of vulnerable children. In cooperation with Save the Children and Covenant House, it has reached nearly , children in 23 countries. It works with local police, homeless shelters, juvenile halls and child -welfare agencies. Paul Jennings Jr. Milton Cohen C'60 retired last year as principal of the Green Tree Upper School, a Philadelphia private school for children with special needs.

He will continue as a consultant to the school's satellite-classroom program. Steve Cozen C'61 L'64, chair of the Philadelphia-area law firm of Cozen and O'Connor, was in London earlier this year celebrating the opening of the firm's newest satellite office there. Route 1 near Princeton. She also displayed in a contemporary- print exhibition at the Unilever Corporation Research Facility at Edgewater, from January to April. Barry J. Donald R.

With six offices in the region he spends his time traveling from one "stan" to another on vintage Soviet aircraft. Sponsored by the U. Kirk Gelatt V'65, professor of opthalmology at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, received the American Kennel Club's annual award for career-achievement in canine research. John C. Trust Company after 22 years: he was executive vice president of U. Trust and chair of U. Trust International; he now continues as chair of the private-equity funds. At Penn he is the New York alumni trustee serving on the student-life and external-affairs committees, and a co -vice chair of the board of overseers of the University Museum.

And he is vice president of the Penn Club of New York. Peter Schantz V'65 received the first United States Public Health Service Commissioned Officer Veterinarian of the Year Award, which recognizes individuals whose contributions have led to the advancement of public health and veterinary medicine. He is internationally recognized for his work on the diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and control of zoonotic parasitic diseases. He was also instrumental in opening up employment for veterinarians with the Centers for Disease Control.

Sally Keyes Steinberg Nu'65 writes that she has worked as a registered nurse, a hospital chaplain, a director of Christian education, and is currently a social worker with the Samaritan Hospice in Marlton, N. Her two sons are both Penn grads: Dr. Rear Adm. Frederic G. Sanford M'66 retired last year from active duty in the U.

Kniffin C'67 is vice president of marketing for HighPoint Systems, a provider of software for food retailers in the fast-growing home grocery -shopping business, based in Cambridge, Mass. Previously he was a principal in his own marketing-services firm.

Louis R. Pichini W'67 lpichini dttus. He is a former chief of the criminal division of the U. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia. Alfred L. Colin A. Hanna C'68 secured a unanimous endorsement for a second term as a Chester County Pa. Howard Dansky C'69, Glenside, Pa. He owns StarHD, a consultancy that helps employment-and-training and educational-service providers, both public and private, develop programs to enable welfare recipients, at-risk youth and people with disabilities make the transition to work.

Gerald L. Euster GrS'69 is a professor of social work and director of the graduate gerontology program at the University of South Carolina; in January he was selected a fellow in gerontology and geriatrics education by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education.

Jeff Jubelirer W'69 RShea aol. Currently he is working on lyrics and more poetry. His wife, Sher-Anne, is also a published poet. They write, "Our son, Jake, becomes a Penn alum this May. In the spring of she completed a master's in theology at Villanova University, her alma mater for law just 25 years ago.

Our son and daughter thrive as young adults out on their own. Let's celebrate 30 years! And he is a director of the Maritime Research Institute. Joseph J. He lives with his wife, Maggie, in Dover, N. Robert M. Levande W'71 rmlpgi idt. Bob, his wife and daughter live in Manhattan and Washington Depot, Conn.

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Sherman Roddy Gr'71 has retired from both an active Presbyterian ministry in which he viewed the pastoral task as therapy rather than judgment, and college teaching of philosophy, religion and history. He is engaged in study and writing on the dislocations of late-medieval institutions caused by the vast increase in knowledge.

It is a monograph on a prince's copy of the Haft Awrang Seven Thrones , "one of the most sumptuous works of Islamic calligraphy and painting. A Guide to Setting and Meeting Your Goals: "a non-technical, team-based, strategic-planning methodology for the information-economy environment. Her next book will discuss the use of metaphor in the information economy.

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Nathan Sturman C'72 G'75 npsturman yahoo. He has been married to Masako Imai for 17 years, and they have one daughter, Naomi, 13 years old, a student in a Japanese middle school. He included a stanza from Penn's "Alma Mater" on his Web site www. John of God Hospital there.

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She now teaches cognitive therapy. Marshall L. Horwitz C'74 marshallhorwitz compuserve. He spent September in Yibin and two weeks of May in Jiangyou. He is teaching at Leshan University this May. She is also a medical writer for a variety of consumer publications. Her book on infertility, The Pregnancy Prescription, co-written with Dr. Hugh Melnick C'68 , continues to do well. She lives in Chappaqua, N. Louis E.

Charles Seymour Jr. WG'75 is senior vice president of The Hillier Group, the large, national architectural firm; he oversees marketing, business development and public relations. He had earlier served as vice president in charge of investment real estate for the Jackson-Cross Co. Lawrence G. He joined them from the University of Miami, where he had been executive producer and senior associate athletic director for communications. Valerie G. She had previously been an account representative trading securities at Fuhrman-Matt Securities in Philadelphia.

Joseph P. Noonan C'76 is president of the newly named Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. The firm has also relocated its Baltimore headquarters to a former store-warehouse, restored and renovated to designs by New York architect and designer Kevin Kaufman C' She lives in Scarsdale, N. Andrew A. Chirls C'77 has been elected vice chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association. Stewart J. He lives in Meadowbrook with his wife, Vera, and their two children, Michael and Rachael. She had earlier worked as a fundraising consultant. Sydney Evans V'77 has been appointed assistant professor of radiology at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Englander W'78 mengland massed. He lives with his wife and two sons in nearby Sharon. Edward A. Magida C'78 D'82 GD'83 eamdmd netreach. He is a partner in a general dental practice in Newtown, Pa. Jeffrey H. Ross D'82 , specializing in restorative, esthetic and implant dentistry. Brant K. Maller C'78 practices law in New York. He was recently voted into the partnership of Bryan Cave LLP, one of the largest law firms in the nation. We live in Larchmont, a community in which every third house seems to be inhabited by a Penn alum.

Ron Alper W'79 alperR sec. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was formerly an attorney with the Maryland Public Service Commission. He and his wife, Lisa, celebrated the birthdays of their two-year-old twins, Michael and Marissa, in March. Foster V'79 married Barbara J. Leahy last December. Timothy H. The firm was recently recognized as a small business that has successfully managed resources. Ricard A. He had earlier served for five years as chief litigator in the Philadelphia office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He serves on the ABA's securities -litigation and white-collar-crime committees. Bruce S. He is based in the Philadelphia office, which also has branches in Moscow and St. He had earlier served as a senator in the Pennsylvania state legislature. Mark D. They live in Arlington, Mass. Deborah, a professional ceramic artist, completed her master's in social work from Simmons College last summer.

Melanie A. Callender C'80 is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Somerset, N. Heidi Levine Morein C'80 uta4star aol. Judge Annette M. Rizzo C'80 was appointed to the bench of the Common Pleas Court of Philadelphia County on November 17; she is currently presiding over non-jury felony cases in the criminal-trial division. Before taking the bench, she had been senior counsel in the legal and public-affairs department of the CIGNA Companies. John E. They are the proud parents of Benjamin two. James M.

Spiegelman C'80 designs and manages symposia around the world as a consulting editor with Business Week magazine. He and his wife, Elizabeth J. Kannan, an American-furniture historian, and their son Jack three , live in Bedford, N. Anthony Stanowski C'80 is Philadelphia-area regional account manager for the Sachs Group, a healthcare-information company based in Evanston, Ill.

He had been director of planning and market research for the Jefferson Health System in Philadelphia. John Trojanowski GM'80 , professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University and co-director of Penn's Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, was awarded the Potamkin Prize last year for research on Pick's, Alzheimer's and related diseases. He shared the prize with his wife, Dr.

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  6. Virginia M. Lee WG'84 , also professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University and the other co-director of the center, and with a scientist from the University of Cambridge. Charles Bryan Baron C'81 cbb csi. Karlene Hoo Kosanovich ChE'81 , professor of chemical engineering at the University of South Carolina, was honored last year by the American Society of Engineering Education as an "outstanding new faculty member.

    David Gilman Romano Gr'81 , adjunct associate professor of classical archaeology and director of the Corinth Computer Project, e-mails that his archaeology class, City and Landscape of Roman Corinth, had the current director of excavations in Corinth, Dr. Guy Sanders, as a guest speaker, via video conference from Athens, during a regularly scheduled seminar last December. This followed a full semester of seminars, reports and concentrated study in the museum; the students asked questions and there was a lively discussion. Mark Saunders V'81 has been appointed associate professor of radiology at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Gail Sonnenschein C'81 is president of Bikini. Kenneth Fischbeck GM'82 , professor of neurology at the University, was honored at the annual meeting last year of the American Academy of Neurology for excellence in neuroscience research. Roger Viola C'82 roger. He spent the last 15 years with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, most recently as its managing director and head of real-estate investment banking for the Western U. Blake lives with his wife, Chandra, in San Francisco. James Baish GME'83 Gr'86 is associate professor of mechanical engineering at Bucknell University; he was honored last year at its commencement ceremonies for his inspirational teaching.

    Marlene Gumbs V'83 is the scientific franchise manager for Waltham, Inc. Last July she adopted three-year-old fraternal twins, Andrew and Antoine; rounding out her family, she is in the process of adopting Serena Michelle two. Susan Fowler Maven C'83 smaven ccc. Ruth Rosenberg C'83 and her husband, Dr. Levitan is employed as a senior scientist at Bios Group LP, a consulting company that specializes in business applications of complex systems, agent-based modeling and machine learning www. Rosenberg is medical director of Desert Hills Residential Treatment Center, a psychiatric facility for children and adolescents.

    Their three-year-old daughter, Daniella, can now delete files on their Macintosh, much to their chagrin. They were expecting another child, due in April. James S. Camille M. Antinori C'84 recently returned from one year in Oaxaca, Mexico, where she researched community forestry production for her Ph. As a result of the fieldwork, the thesis could be completed as early as this year. Keith B. Christine Brentani C'84 christine. Evan J. Cohen W'84 L'87 is a partner at Clifford Chance in Hong Kong, where he and his family have been living for the last three years.

    Records of the U.S. District Court, District of Nebraska, Record Group 21

    They are happy to announce the birth of their fourth daughter, Jessica Michelle, on February 3; she joins older sisters, Samantha six , Rebecca four and Hillary two. Evan serves on the committee of Penn's Hong Kong alumni club, and has been "interviewing students for Penn, which I greatly enjoy, as it helps to keep me in touch with the university.

    If any classmates are visiting Hong Kong, please look me up. Cohen W'84 L'87 joshc hublaw. Although usually advising his business clients in domestic and international transactions, he recently won an award of political asylum for a pro- bono client, a Chinese refugee who fled China to escape religious persecution and China's forced-abortion and forced-sterilization policies; the refugee had been aboard the ship Golden Venture, which ran aground near New York in This and other cases from that ship received national attention and were responsible for a change in U.

    Josh hopes to soon reunite the refugee with his wife and children, whom he has not seen since Egidio Farone D'84 moved his dental practice to the 15th floor of its current building. Ben and his big brother Jacob five are glad that mom is working from home now.

    Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue V07

    Gwen has started her own high-tech, communications-marketing consulting business, Kestrel Communications www. Bradford Hudson C'84 is chief executive officer of The Bay Tower Company in Boston, which was recently ranked among the nation's largest independent restaurant companies. Douglas R.

    Korn W'84 dkorn bear. He is married to Betsy Berns Korn, an author on women's sports topics and president of her own sports-marketing company. Lee WG'84 , professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and co-director of Penn's Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, was awarded the Potamkin Prize last year for research on Pick's, Alzheimer's and related diseases.

    She shared the prize with her husband, Dr. John Trojanowski GM'80, also professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and the other co-director of the center, and with a scientist from the University of Cambridge. He had been the first president and general manager of Otis Transit Systems, a subsidiary of the Otis Elevator Company. He and his wife, Beth, and son, Eric, live in Austin. Jeffrey L. Pollock C'84 writes that he will not be able to join his Class for their 15th Reunion, as he will be running for district justice in Pittsburgh's election on May He and his wife, Melody, are "expecting our first child this May as well.

    Audrey and Rich were married on September 7, They are completing renovations on their Brooklyn duplex. He graduated from the University of Southern California's law school in Randy Fach ME'85 has accepted a new position as a management consultant with Dove Associates in Boston, where he will work with companies to improve their manufacturing and business processes.

    After graduating, he spent 13 years with General Electric. Dan Grisan W'85 dgrisan compuserve. Joseph's Regional Health Network, that encompasses two hospitals and several out-patient facilities and is part of Catholic Health Initiatives, "the fourth-largest healthcare provider in the U.

    Michael R. Grossman C'85 , a podiatric surgeon, has joined Lankenau Hospital, outside Philadelphia; he is the first podiatrist to perform surgery there. He maintains his practice in Ardmore. Richard was recently promoted to vice president of business affairs at Sony Classical, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. She was born on November 2, "and since then has been the light of our lives. Thomas F. Kearney and then with the Boston Consulting Group. I started off in Chicago in by attending and even graduating from the Kellogg school's one-year MBA program at Northwestern University.

    Kieran Cody C'85 , who is an orthopedic surgeon in Doylestown, Pa. In the summer she will start post-doctoral research in cooperation with ANSYS, a finite-element software company. She and her husband, Paul, are kept otherwise very busy with their three sons, Kelly eight , Jackson five and Noah two. Aeon J. Skoble C'85 married Lisa Bahnemann, a physical therapist, in St. Paul, Minn. Aeon is currently a visiting professor of philosophy at West Point. Joseph T. Threston III C'85 jttaok aol. He and his wife, Lisa, live in Palmyra where he was recently elected to the borough council, "my first attempt at elective office.

    Linda Belsky Zamost C'85 has served as creative-services manager for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia since ; two of her direct -mail fundraising campaigns, "Send a Jewish Child to Camp" and "Little People, Big Worries" were recognized by local industry groups for their high response rates. She also is partner in a marketing and design company, Just Add Water. And she lives in Cherry Hill, N.

    Heide Estes C'86 received her Ph. Lauren R. Greenspoon C'86 L'89 Farmington, Conn. Elyssa Kane C'86 ebkane mindspring. She is now working for Fairmount Ventures, Inc. Again, she is also in the good company of Penn grads bringing varying disciplines city planning, business, liberal arts, government and social work to bear on client projects.

    Last October she married Jeffrey S. Levine W'84 , who is a self-employed architectural conservator. Michael Milne WG'86 mjmxroads aol. She celebrated her first anniversary with her husband, Jeff. She completed her doctorate in organizational behavior from Boston University. Then in November, her next big project arrived: Jake Daniel was born and has been keeping her busy ever since.

    She and Jeff live in Oakland, Calif. We're enjoying the family life in Plainsboro, N. Recently, he successfully completed the marketing- research program necessary to become a certified focus-group director: "focus- group research is absolutely fascinating. Michael Landy C'87 landy heart. He lives in Gainesville with his wife, Shari, and two sons, Jacob five and Avi two.

    Erik Rothenberg C'87 has owned and operated Atlas Corporation since ; it is an international trading company specializing in natural and recyclable commodities. A portion of the profits go to the Atlas Foundation, a non-profit that seeks "a new path for mankind based on applied principles of natural law.

    Also, in he co-founded SoftAware, a high-speed bandwidth Internet service provider whose major clients include Virgin Records, Paramount and the Grammy Awards organization. He recently purchased a home in Playa del Rey, Calif. Scott Bober EAS'88 scott. Scott is a product manager at AlliedSignal in Morristown, N. The happy family resides in Morris Plains. Sue Carver C'88 ewile well.

    She married Ed Wile last August. She welcomes e-mails from old friends. Castagnero EAS'88 steve. Steve is technical leader for Allied-Signal. Carra is a clinical-research monitor for Eli Lilly.