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A Social Security Number Trace or SSN Trace reports names and addresses Anyone who orders a background check should include a Social Security.

There are some exceptions, such as when a person is applying for a job in law enforcement or if the employer has a program that specifically hires those with criminal records. State law allows employers to refuse to hire applicants based on arrest records, even if the arrest does not result in a conviction. The only exception is when the record has been expunged , in which case the arrest will not show up in the background check and can be legally denied by the applicant.

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A person can file for an expungement of an arrest that does not result in a conviction immediately after being cleared of the charges. If a person avoids a conviction due to completing a Pre-Trial Intervention or Conditional Discharge , there will still be a record of having entered the program. Such diversionary programs can also be expunged , although one must wait 6 months after finishing to file the motion. If you or someone you love would like to hide the record of an arrest in New Jersey, contact an attorney with experience in such matters.

The lawyers of the Rosenblum Law are skilled criminal defense and expungement attorneys who have helped many people in New Jersey expunge past run-ins with the law. Email the Rosenblum Law or Call today for a free consultation about your case. In addition to employees Read More.

The criminal records of New Jersey are restricted, and are therefore not made available to the public. The New Jersey State Bureau of Identification is responsible for overseeing and maintaining state issued background checks, and they operate under the New Jersey State Police.

An inmate can be looked up online using the Department of Corrections Offender Search system. This database is maintained by the information provided by the New Jersey Department of Corrections and law enforcement.

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The Offender Search database can supply inmate information regarding name, date of birth, race, gender and type of offense. It will also indicate which facility is currently holding the inmate, their maximum release date, parole eligibility and mandatory sentence terms.

Can I Expunge My Criminal Record in New Jersey

The New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts maintains court records, calendars, opinions, schedules, attorney regulations and trial court decisions. Accessing New Jersey court records can be achieved by filing a request with the Office of the Superior Court.

New Jersey Public Records

Civil, family, criminal and municipal court records are all available for public review. More information regarding obtaining or requesting court records can be found on the New Jersey Administrative Office of Courts website. Birth, death and marriage records are available from to present, while domestic partnership and civil union records date back to and respectively.

New Jersey Background Check and Arrest Records Search.

Certificate of birth resulting in stillborn records are available starting in Vital records may be requested through the local vital records office in the municipality in which the event occurred.